“… to not see life as a matter of course …”

So today I spent two hours sitting on the window-sill of our institute in the sun, finishing The Solitaire Mystery by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder. Some of its themes link neatly to thoughts I’ve discovered lately.

You can see thousands of people down there… if just one of them experiences life as a crazy adventure — and I mean that he, or she, experiences this every single day… […] then he or she is a joker in a pack of cards.

When I walk around outside, I often try to look into peoples’ eyes – I try to see if there is a certain kind of awareness in them. Curiousity, knowledge, emotion, something. I want to see someone who walks through the world with their eyes open and curious and bewildered. A joker.


It is a great book full of beautiful little truths, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. Despite the distinction between all the usual ‘blind’ people and jokers, the book left me with a very optimistic and positive feeling about humanity, something I found pretty enjoyable amidst some other recent rather misanthropic feelings.

3 thoughts on ““… to not see life as a matter of course …””

    1. Hmm.. I’d have to consider that very carefully. Answering right away, I might say 5 or so. But I’m not entirely sure about all of them deserving that predicate except for my ‘blood brother’.
      : )

    2. Oh, also – to be perfectly correct I should distinguish between ‘seeing jokers while walking around looking’ the way I described and ‘meeting actual jokers’. The people I consider ‘jokers seen’ might turn out not to be jokers after all if I got to know them… so that’s two kinds of jokers, two pairs of shoes. My answer answered the ‘actual jokers MET’ question.

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