“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”

– Taken in September 2010 in a dense forest in Skultuna, Sweden during my work experience at the local school. I was running up a steeply rising, overgrown trail with two boys from 8th class during one of the physical education lessons where they did orienteering. I stopped for a second to take a shot of this beautiful kind of moss that was almost everywhere in that forest. Then I put on my rocket turbo to catch up with the two kids leading the way ahead of me – one of them regularly did orienteering as a hobby, and they wanted us to be the first team at the finish line. (We were.)

2 thoughts on ““The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.””

  1. I can see the text evolve!

    The pace of the transformation is almost as fast as the passing treasures that I suck in.

    1. After re-reading this comment a few times the past days, the comparison in the last sentence just struck me as very clever and very pretty. It is very you. *tilts head and smiles*

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