“The first time I ever liked the view of a factory …”

– Taken in Duisburg, Germany on Christmas day 2010. I went for a walk to the rhine park with my Dad, stumbling through ankle-high snow all the way because there usually isn’t that much snow around there.

The bridge is one of the 7 bridges of Duisburg that go over the river Rhine. It has quite a history (sorry, German only) – it has first been built in 1873, but has been destroyed and rebuilt a few times since then. Today, it’s used by regional trains, pedestrians and cyclists. I remember that walking across it feels somewhat scary because the path is right next to the train tracks, and when a train passes while you are walking across, everything shakes and is incredibly loud and I can never help but think that all the metal pieces surely must fall apart any second.

In the background, there are some typical landmarks of Duisburg, that is factory chimneys.

I like this shot because it shows natural beauty together with Duisburg’s industrial personality. It feels pretty, and honest.

Wherever you are on this earth, there are always pretty sunsets. (I think)

One thought on ““The first time I ever liked the view of a factory …””

  1. Something about all this rings a bell. :>

    When I was a kid, there was this pedestrian overpass on the other side of the park nearby and it always felt like I was walking on air, climbing mountain tops, when crossing it. It seemed awfully high. Depending on the day, I would or wouldn’t dare go near the balustrade and look at the street below, separated from me by an immense abyss.

    The overpass was maybe five metres high.

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