Lucky that frogs aren’t like humans.

– This is from this webcomic I adore, Pictures for Sad Children. Very weird, bewildering, funny, and, at times, sad (now who would have thought). Will be posting more of my favourites in the future.

<dives into the pond, creeps behind the frog, gently embraces it and whispers soothing words into its ear>

(do frogs have ears?)

One thought on “Anxiety”

  1. At first I thought it was some kind of food on a plate. The frog looks a tad potatoish (which is charming in its own way).

    It’s also cute how it’s peeping at the world from its cover in the grass.

    Frogs might not have outside ears, but it turns out they use their lungs to hear as well. (Among other things, it protects Mr Frogs from their own loud calls when they’re horny. Apparently some calls border on the painful noise level – a little less noisy than the racket made by a jack hammer.)

    The power in those small green bodies!

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