What touched me – On Saturday, me and C. were checking out different videos of Porcupine Tree playing their song ‘Trains‘. (C. has quite a personal relation to the song, and I loved it before, but that makes it all the more precious to me).

Check it out here, by the way.

Under one video, someone had posted something like

“I love his hair, his skinny body and his bare feet – but more than all, I love his brain.”

That image struck a chord with me. Could it be vulnerability?


I’ve also been working on learning how to play it on le acoustic guitar the past week or so. Turns out it’s not as hard as I thought after all (I’m in luck), though it’s quite a challenge for me to play it so it satisfies me. But playing and singing it just for myself is such a great feeling – almost ethereal (I’m dying of love – it’s okay…).

2 thoughts on ““Trains””

    1. Naja, nicht konzertreif oder so, und eine etwas abgespeckte Version. Bis jetzt spiele ich verse, chorus, verse, full chorus, dann das mit I’m in luck und it’s okay, und dann nochmal die chords vom verse und ein bisschen lalala und mache dann den allseits berühmten und beliebten fade-out. Aber das sind immerhin fast zwei Minuten spielen und das ist für mich schon eine sehr befriedigende Leistung! 😀 (eigentlich hätte ich “ein achievement” sagen müssen, bei so vielen englischen Begriffen in einem Post…)

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