“The Company of Myself”

There is this fascinating little flash game that goes by the name “The Company of Myself”.

Admittedly, I still haven’t finished it because I think it’s worth giving it more time / attention than your usual little flash game. Because it has an awesome story. – A lonely hermit who learns to help himself to solve his problems, and about whom you will gradually discover more by medium of his monologues.

Also, when a friend first sent it to me some months ago, he managed to catch me in the so-far-2nd-time-this-year when I was pretty tipsy, and so I was basically content to just listen to the background music and let my thoughts drift.

If you don’t majorly hate this kind of stuff, you should probably give it a try =3

(On a side note, it took me a bit of strength to decide to post a new entry because I liked seeing the one below a lot. The joyful summery colours *__*)

3 thoughts on ““The Company of Myself””

  1. The plot neatly works with some of the riddles indeed, like somewhere around the 10th level. The music’s too moody for me, though I realise it’s meant that way. Liked the carefree tune somewhere along the way. The game thieved some of my editing time!

    Ha, I thought I could sense a sort of tension between the last post and this one. Was that e-empathy? Or simple impatience?

  2. I played it a bit again last night and it left me with an unsettling feeling that there were versions of me running around. Quite strange how it managed to penetrate my mind.

    1. I’m glad to hear that it touched you in some way. I really need to play it all soon – especially now that it will have yet ANOTHER dimension of meaning for me. Thanks for sharing.

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