“And all my senses’ honesty, they belong to you”

And no horizon can sleep
But sometimes horizons can close their eyes
And drift into one moment somewhere
Halfway between
The distance and a dream

Alone I stand, alone I fall
There is no option anymore
Alone with you
I know my point of view seems sad
I believe it’s not so bad
Alone with you

[The Cat Empire – No mountain]

– Been listening to today’s song pretty many times today, totally fits. It feels like a very positive thought to me – It means that I like you very much and feel good in your presence. Ultimately everything might still just boil down to me and who I honestly am, and it might turn out you don’t like me as much as you thought you did as you get to know me better, and our ways might part. But in that case it’s not my problem – it’s yours. And then it’s okay.

– Taken in June 2011. Probably one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen from my window these past three years, and likely to be one of my very favourites!

“The art of making use of such moments before they are over …”

I should be spending my time studying, preparing for the final Bachelor exams in July, yet here I am and I haven’t touched any of the uni books today. Instead, I am drawing while chatting with A., K. and N. and listening to music. It’s rather rare that N. and me are online at the same time, and I don’t feel calm enough to draw quite often lately, but right now I do. So whatever! Damn you books! You will still be here tomorrow.

Thanks to N. for for the title of this post : )

– N. said he imagined me standing with my hands on my hips going like ‘tädää’ when I logged on, like a manga character. That’s how I imagined him imagining me!

It reads “Here I am! Any questions left?!”

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”

– Taken in September 2010 in a dense forest in Skultuna, Sweden during my work experience at the local school. I was running up a steeply rising, overgrown trail with two boys from 8th class during one of the physical education lessons where they did orienteering. I stopped for a second to take a shot of this beautiful kind of moss that was almost everywhere in that forest. Then I put on my rocket turbo to catch up with the two kids leading the way ahead of me – one of them regularly did orienteering as a hobby, and they wanted us to be the first team at the finish line. (We were.)