Dreamy-eyed and blessed with luck (and butterflies)

Marvellous. I am one lucky kid.

Yesterday, I spent some two hours sitting outside on the meadow in front of the house, fixing my bike, preparing for my oral Bachelor examination (which is tomorrow – I am slightly nervous) and waiting for C . At some point, I became aware of a pretty butterfly making its rounds and flying really close to me a few times. Then it decided to sit down on my shoe – making me lean back sloooowly and caaarefully to try and get a hold of my camera without scaring it away. I succeeded!

Later, it turned out there were actually two butterflies and they were making love or wanted to at least, chasing each other through the air in circles, soaring higher and higher with each new round.

In the course of the following hour or so, one of them recurringly returned to me. At some times, rocketing towards me at high speed and steering clear of me in the last moment – at other times, actually resting on me for some seconds. What an exhilarating feeling to be appreciated by such a pretty thing.

It took a few hundred shots (or so it feels), but finally, I managed to catch both of us on a single photo. The result can be seen in the About-section. Hooray! o/


Today, C. said that he associates me with soap bubbles and butterflies. They are necessarily connected with me. Such a SOSOSOSO awesome thing to be told!

One thought on “Dreamy-eyed and blessed with luck (and butterflies)”

  1. I’ve found that insects might be particularly attracted to white. I often get sat on by hitchhiking ladybugs while playing football. Doesn’t make me do any better, though. Also, they sometimes leave these tiny orangish spots behind that I dare not identify.

    Will hold fingers crossed tomorrow!

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