A Morning and the Forest

6:00 am

Shuffling out of bed, packing a camping mat, a sleeping bag and two blankets together with C. Leaving by bike around 6:30.






– I fell asleep in C.’s arms for a while around here –



9:39 Journeying back home


Off the street and into the wild – showing a caterpie how to rock.


After visiting the local weekly market, we met a very cute but very shy and scared dog in front of the store. I went in alone to buy some gratin cheese.

I came back out 10 minutes later to be greeted by this formidable image.

The rest of the day was spent blissfully huggling, making a potato-tomato gratin for dinner and playing Final Fantasy VIII.

A wonderful day. <3

One thought on “A Morning and the Forest”

  1. Gonna be a long sentence (slightly abusing the rules of punctuation); quite an original idea there, and what a way to start off a day; prosaically enough, however, one might note that following the romantic and purring meant some puffy eyes; chuckling; one might only wonder what happened in between the taking of the pictures – collecting berries, I’d say; couldn’t refrain; splendid picture of the play of shadows on the path; gotta catch ’em all; and it appears that the purring didn’t work on the dog like it would on some others – like a red cloth in a bull’s face.

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