Annoying shit and strawberries

Something that’s annoying the crap out of me is the imagery, feeling and story of the Lord of the Rings movie (which I have seen about 5 times) messing with my memories of the books (which I have read 2 times, once with like 13 years and once with about 19). It melts into them, overwriting and erasing and most of all confusing things. It feels like the vivid pictures the book has produced are trickling out of my head like water through hands. Gah!

I very much like both, but I wish my mind would manage to regard and feel them separately.


Strawberries. You should either go and find a juicy ripe one in real life and cut it in half or google for a photo of it. Go, do it.

Don’t they look naughty? God they look naughty.


That’s it for today! The one or other photo or thought from the past days will follow when I get home to my desktop PC tomorrow.

Later addition: Here goes a bad picture of a strawberry from the day I thought and wrote this. ‘t was when I was visiting my granny, having cooked for her and eating strawberries for dessert, which made the realization all the juicier!

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