From Dörenthe to Tecklenburg – A little hiking adventure in pictures

With the weather forecast predicting a sunny day, I took the day off from University work and went for a solo hike in the Teutoburg Forest. Excepting a single run, it has been 3 weeks of illness since I last got out into nature like this! Luckily, there’s a bus going from Münster main station to a stop just a km from the “Dörenther Klippen” – literally “the cliffs of Dörenthe” – where I wanted to start.


To start off, I climbed around on the “cliffs” for a while. The rocks there make for great scrambling (so much fun!!) and some relatively sweet views over the forest, fields and streets around. The highest ones look out over all the surrounding tree crowns, so I got to enjoy a bath in the warm autumn sun! When I pulled out my camera on top of one of the highest rocks, a father of two girls running around asked me whether there was ought to photograph here. When I replied with a hearty “Everything!”, he smiled amusedly.


Leaving the rocks behind, I took a small detour before following the Hermannsweg trail for the rest of the day. The detour lead me through a stretch of quiet brown fern forest for a while, spider silk everywhere, glistening in the autumn sun. The muted colours and silence – plus a red admiral butterfly fluttering by noiselessly – made this part feel very otherworldly, very serene.

For most of the 12 km hike, I tried to move relatively quickly, but I also took a lot of time to stand still and take photos whenever I felt like it. The hardest part was to hike down to the little town of Brochterbeck and right back up to the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest again. Ultimately, that was very exhausting! I actually feel it’s easier to run for a few hours than to walk the distance, even with uphills. Maybe it’s the fresh crisp air outside always making me sleepy within a few hours.

At some point, I took a longer break with warm tea and a snack at a little circle of stones beside the way. An old tree trunk was part of the circle; it looked very magical with the moss-filled grooves circling all around it like runes from secret forest creatures.

10 km and nearly 4 hours after leaving the Dörenther Klippen, I arrived in the sweet little town of Tecklenburg, sitting on top of a hill. There are timbered houses everywhere, a central market place surrounded by a few pretty cafés and charming shops full of pretty things people on weekend trips might buy. Upon looking up, I was also surprised by the lovely witches, ghosts and devils that hung all over the lanes. Tecklenburg is definitely a little town living from the weekend tourists, but it is enjoyable!

Going home

In total, it was a great little solo adventure and well worth the day off. I long to go back and follow the trails again, only run them this time!



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2 thoughts on “From Dörenthe to Tecklenburg – A little hiking adventure in pictures”

  1. First of all, I’d have got here way earlier if my subscription had worked properly when you posted stuff! But it only notified me yesterday about the latest celebration post, and nothing before. Well, better late than never! (Though some of the things you said on facebook about blogging did make me wonder – they make so much more sense now that I know that you actually HAVE BEEN posting things!)

    I love some of the pictures, and I mean it! Some of the pack do strike a chord in me. The top row of the collage, second one from the left, the rocks make such a neat pattern among the greenery. The second photo from the right, in turn, conjures up the scene from the first LotR movie where Frodo is standing in very similar surroundings and he senses a black rider approaching. Then, the photo in the top right corner – I love when there are rocks or stones peeping out of the ground like that, it always vividly reminds me of mountain hikes parents often took us on when we were kids.

    Second row from the top, the photo in the middle – the sunny brown there is such a warm colour, and the sloping ground adds a dimension to the composition that appeals to me a lot. This might be my favourite pic out of the collection.

    The middle row, second one from the right, a very pretty plant. And then it’s always nice to see a bit more of you, especially as the conqueror of mountain tops. The left bottom corner picture – cats like the company of cats, and then some more cats, eh.

    Speaking of which, I like the fact that you could enjoy yourself on a trip like that all by yourself. I think having a bit of solitude is often underrated, to the point that it’s become an actual skill to be able to do things solo and enjoy them without a companion (another example would be going to the cinema alone).

    All in all, cool stuff, yo!

    1. Dearest kindly friend – thank you so much for this comment! As I am sure you know best, it is always so great to read something that shows someone took the time to explore and connect with something one has worked on; and your detailed descriptions are fun to read! I am so happy to hear you like this post and to read what you associate with it. Concerning your favourite picture, I really think the scene was very neat in itself and I think you would have liked to see it, too, the sloping ground so pretty…

      I agree whole-heartedly concerning the modern problem of enjoying time spent alone without too many easy distractions — fortunately, I have never had that problem, and indeed, if I could, I think I would like to be alone like that more and at the same time spend more time with good friends. That’s probably a good thing, though! 🙂 This also reminds me of the one time I went to the cinema alone spontaneously on a sunny summer day around noon to just go watch “The Dark Knight” everyone was talking about, and literally ended up sitting in the huge hall with space for around 200 people all alone. That was a fun experience, really!

      All in all, thanks so much for taking the time to write, and I am happy to hear and see that you still follow me as I follow you, after all these years, and it’s still inspiring and good! Yo!

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