Autumn and Snow // Two Year’s End Runs

The last days of any given year always have an air of tension and finality to me, like something fundamental will definitely change before the last day of the year is over, whether I end up noticing what it is or not. It’s weird, really, hard to put into words.

Such it has also been this time, but the days were a neat experience because Terry, Ole and Erik stayed with me in my little flat for a few days. Besides a lot of N64 and Assassin’s Creed II gaming, my favourite experiences were our two little running adventures: one in autumn colours and one clad in freshly fallen snow. These are the pictures, two little overviews first!

Bright Autumny Weather around the stone pit in Lengerich
Snowy Hohe Ward home round Preview

28. 12. – Bright Autumny Winter around the Stone Pit in Lengerich

It was icy cold (around 2°C), but the sun was beautiful and the run felt good. The best part were some 1,7 kilometres towards the end where I really pushed us all by running pretty close to maximum heart rate for 9 minutes. It was nice to have no one talking behind me, just hearing heavy breathing, and it felt great to concentrate on my controlled rhythmic breathing and on putting my feet in the right places. Pushing off right to smoothly fly over the trail, I love it!

29. 12. – Frosted home round, snowy Hohe Ward

Bodies somewhat sore from the day in Lengerich, we woke to a frosted world! Can’t argue with that, we had to go for at least a little home round run in the fresh snow.

Trailteam ErrorTerrorOlorJudor
Snow Snow Snow
Snow snow snow!

Perhaps needless to say, it was kinda cold, but SO SO SO MUCH FUN to run around in the snow!!
10/10 I’d do it again, especially with these awesome lads!


Bonus: The LADDER


I am grateful for the past year where I took up running for real. And I wish for more of this kind of runs for 2015, and to grow, and to continue having ever more fun!

One thought on “Autumn and Snow // Two Year’s End Runs”

  1. The wintery light definitely provides a setting for any sort of activity, that I can tell from the photos where you captured sunshine flowing down against the snowy world. I love the warm, cosy atmosphere there, and the fragile feeling peculiar to this kind of light.

    Have we seen those train tracks before? Observant +1 or no?

    But most of all, I’m very fond of your smiles in these pictures. I think that’s the happiest I’ve seen of you in pics, ever since I first said you looked amiable. These here are amiable at its best – happy like that, you look super-awesome – and pretty like a flower! I suppose it’s a fair token of your being in your element while running.

    I’ve been looking forward to an update here and received a real treat!

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