3 thoughts on “Self 01”

  1. It’s been over a year, so I’m kindly asking for Self 02.

    Also, a coincidence, those words you quote rang a bell the first time I viewed this post, but it’s only now that I think I’ve guessed where they are from.

    I just happen to have read them today in this cool cool book that I’m now rereading. Didn’t manage to make the connection during the first read, but better late than never, huh?

    That is if I did get it right.

      1. You took your sweet time, didn’t you? -smiles- Though it was definitely worth the wait! But to have kept such a beautiful portrait hidden away for so long… I guess that’s a very optimistic thought, in the end – not all the treasures have been uncovered yet in this world of ours.

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