fly, run, walk

Dear legs,

Today was the first time in a long long time I asked you to run for me on my regular home round around the Promenade in Münster. It was fabulous to have you work together with my heart and lungs to let me forget myself, and enjoy as simple and raw a sensation as fast, self-sustained movement.
For the most part we flew, and it was only towards the end that we slowed to a run to cool down, and finally walked when we met Terry at the end.
Maybe we can go back to doing this more often again.

With love, and gratefulness,

the prized possessions, pictured with the north face’s ‘better than naked’ shorts – not pictured: my sweatyashell face

One thought on “fly, run, walk”

  1. I find this post quite perfect in its entirety – from the first two affectionate words, through the evocative main body of the text, to the wish / easy-going suggestion expressed at the end. Reading it made me feel goodness inside, thank you.

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