Sunseeker, Wildsleeper

One raw night of wildcamping in the forests around “die Haard”.

I remember with lucid certainty that several people walked by down the path at night while I was tossing and turning in my tent trying to sleep, but I am also quite sure that they were on the way to a kind of ball-like birthday party in an old ruin lit by fires, so…

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I know I know, my obsession with having the sun as an element in my pictures is getting out of hand, but I can’t help it. For now.

One thought on “Sunseeker, Wildsleeper”

  1. in vain did the sun try peeking
    at the merry forest scene

    for the globe was turned away
    and captured every single beam

    among the many revellers
    an azure lion proudly walked

    a young couple giggled past
    their hips and shoulders tightly locked

    soaring like a fat lazy angel
    a white balloon flew overhead

    Mozart and Plato strode along
    though both long dead

    a pensive giraffe also followed
    her head up in the trees

    and a hobbit returned for the revelry
    from across the endless Seas

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