Last Sunrise in the Wasteland

Last Sunrise in the Wasteland

I got myself a trio of the fabulous Pentel Aquash brushes I saw on Little Coffee Fox’s blog and vowed to not let perfectionism stop me ever again. So here it is: my first watercolour painting since secondary school!

Oh Joy!

In fact, this painting even has its root in a lucky mishap:

A copper paint marker I meant to write with emitted huge splotches of copper ink. I drew those away from the original splotches to suggest hanging copper bridges between tall mast buildings. This inspired me to try painting an abandoned urban wastelandscape. The idea was further cemented by watching The Divergent trilogy – I have to say I’m quite infatuated with the idea of post-apocalyptic scenarios at the moment.

Of course this painting turned out wildly different from the original idea once I’d started. I will have to revisit the copper, possibly combined with grey tones and on a smaller canvas.

Evocative title adopted from the song “Last Sunrise in the Wasteland” by “At the End of Times, Nothing”

3 thoughts on “Last Sunrise in the Wasteland”

  1. “vowed to not let perfectionism stop me ever again”

    That’s cool!

    Are you satisfied with this first-in-a-long-time attempt?

    Myself I like it quite much, I like the shadows in the foreground and the warmth of the light in the back.

    Post-apocalyptic makes me think of The Road by Cormac McCarthy. However, it’s a recommendation that should be taken with caution because the book is rather dark and I feel that the end-of-the-world mood throughout the story is conveyed very powerfully, making it a sort of demanding, even exhausting, read.

    And I also think of the classic War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, not so much post-apo, I guess, but still a book that has a special place on my shelf.

    Don’t let me get started on recommending stuff! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I’m super happy with this painting. Part of letting go of perfectionism is sharing fearlessly, and another part is letting go of the need of anything I show about myself to be perfect. This painting is far from perfect, but I don’t paint to produce a perfect painting, and what does ‘perfect’ mean for a painting anyway; it’s all relative to context. Relative to what I had in mind, I’m so happy.

      Always keep recommending, please 🙂 I haven’t read any of those yet and will happily add them to my cherished to-read-list!

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