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The Birds are Back

The birds are back, and spring is coming!

Today, Ole and yours truly accompanied Terry to his Luisenturmlauf 21,1k trail race in Borgholzhausen. Since the two of us did not feel like racing, we went for a little exploratory run around Borgholzhausen instead. I never really notice what it is that makes winter feel so lonely and empty, but one of the things that makes spring felt everywhere is the sound of birds chirping and singing merrily in every corner of the woods. The birds are back, and spring is coming! Marvellous.

The Birds are Back I

The Birds are Back II


Nothing quite as fun as breaking in a new pair of trail shoes in the woods during a surprise hailstorm.

the initiated
before & after

I’d been working on a thesis all day and the skies had been overcast, so when the sun broke through all of a sudden and the sky was all clear blue optimism, I did not hesitate. I put on my new lovely then-shiny Salomon Sense Pros with new foot orthotics, grabbed the Salomon Park Hydro Handheld with a few things and headed out to the nearby woods for a run.

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Autumn and Snow // Two Year’s End Runs

The last days of any given year always have an air of tension and finality to me, like something fundamental will definitely change before the last day of the year is over, whether I end up noticing what it is or not. It’s weird, really, hard to put into words.

Such it has also been this time, but the days were a neat experience because Terry, Ole and Erik stayed with me in my little flat for a few days. Besides a lot of N64 and Assassin’s Creed II gaming, my favourite experiences were our two little running adventures: one in autumn colours and one clad in freshly fallen snow. These are the pictures, two little overviews first!

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Verona and Venice // Italy in March #I

In March 2014, I went on a 10-day trip to Italy with Terry. It was a delightful mixture of four days of freely roaming the cities of Verona & Venice and six days of doing trail running (or rather speed-hiking at most, but more on that later…) around the Western side of Lake Garda, starting off from Limone.

Roaming Verona & Venice

View of Verona from above
Verona from above

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Merrell Bare Access Trail women’s Review

Welcome to my review of the Merrell Bare Access Trail women’s trail running shoe, the trail version of Merrell’s popular Bare Access barefoot running shoes! My goal in this review is to tell you as much about the shoe as I can to help you find out if this is a shoe for you.

Materials / feel
Ride / running impressions
Overall impression / verdict
Gallery of all pictures

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Morning Gold

The lovely man enjoying morning gold with me: Terry
The lovely man enjoying morning gold with me: Terry

One morning, straight out of bed, we put on our running gear when the sky had just started going from dark blue to a brighter blueish colour – and my immediate reaction: what a feeling to be up and out before the sun!

Going for an early long run, it turns out, does so much for my day: It gives a sense of achievement before even having started working or studying, a general good mood from the fresh air and movement and this super pleasant slight ache making sitting actually feel comfortable for the rest of the day.

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From Dörenthe to Tecklenburg – A little hiking adventure in pictures

With the weather forecast predicting a sunny day, I took the day off from University work and went for a solo hike in the Teutoburg Forest. Excepting a single run, it has been 3 weeks of illness since I last got out into nature like this! Luckily, there’s a bus going from Münster main station to a stop just a km from the “Dörenther Klippen” – literally “the cliffs of Dörenthe” – where I wanted to start.


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I am a Trail Runner

I am a Trail Runner.

I love moving about in nature and the pristine feeling of “this is the right thing to do” when I run. I love the greens and the warmth of the sun, and the rush of the wind when I fly down a beautiful trail. I like to push to get to the top of a hill, or a mountain, and to dance back down at a breakneck pace.

I like being beneath the clouds, and above the trees. And to rest and take in the views, and to focus all my attention on inhaling the fragrant air.

I appreciate the simple feeling of being alive when my heart beats fast or when I calm down and feel my body buzzing to adapt.

And I cannot but stop dead in my tracks when I see a beautiful setting of trees, or a peculiar pattern of light on the grass, or a butterfly flying past or a squirrel on a tree. I take a lot of photos because I cannot stand the transience of those moments.

And the mindset that looks for these motives is the mindset that sees beauty and precious fragility in every direction. It is how I like to view the world.

When all this comes together, I am the happiest!

WM 11-DSC03282

A Morning and the Forest

6:00 am

Shuffling out of bed, packing a camping mat, a sleeping bag and two blankets together with C. Leaving by bike around 6:30.






– I fell asleep in C.’s arms for a while around here –



9:39 Journeying back home


Off the street and into the wild – showing a caterpie how to rock.


After visiting the local weekly market, we met a very cute but very shy and scared dog in front of the store. I went in alone to buy some gratin cheese.

I came back out 10 minutes later to be greeted by this formidable image.

The rest of the day was spent blissfully huggling, making a potato-tomato gratin for dinner and playing Final Fantasy VIII.

A wonderful day. <3