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Anaga Mountain Range – To Bathe in Beauty

Anaga Mountains
Anaga Mountains on Tenerife and my favourite picture

Chamorga round map
The Chamorga Round on my Movescount

Our first adventure on Tenerife was a round way starting from the mountain town of Chamorga, over the pass of the Casas de Tafada, passing the light house down near the coast, going the optional way down to the ocean through the little abandoned town of Roque Bermejo and then back up through the corresponding canyon Barranco Roque Bermejo all the way until Chamorga.

The way the trail started off going up a ways into the mountain is perhaps the most beautiful trail beginning I have run so far.  Continue reading Anaga Mountain Range – To Bathe in Beauty

‘You know, I really like this about you, that you …’

It occured to me that I should take a bit of time to ponder again what I like about my friends and tell them.

I think we tend to assume that our friends somehow simply know that the things we know we like about them are really cool – personality traits, interests, tastes and opinions, or ways to live – but I guess that is not always so. People always have doubts and wonder how they can be a better, more-fully-themselves version of themselves, in their own terms; and if you tell them what you appreciate about them, in your terms, you can open up a really special window of communication. You can take part in your friend’s persistent internal debate that we all have with ourselves, usually unshared.

And as little as a simple comment like this – ‘You know, I really like this about you, that you …’ – shows your recognising, acknowledging and reflecting on their very own human project of self-creation. That’s a really neat message to convey, isn’t it?

i really like you
i really like this about you, terry


Nothing quite as fun as breaking in a new pair of trail shoes in the woods during a surprise hailstorm.

the initiated
before & after

I’d been working on a thesis all day and the skies had been overcast, so when the sun broke through all of a sudden and the sky was all clear blue optimism, I did not hesitate. I put on my new lovely then-shiny Salomon Sense Pros with new foot orthotics, grabbed the Salomon Park Hydro Handheld with a few things and headed out to the nearby woods for a run.

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Autumn and Snow // Two Year’s End Runs

The last days of any given year always have an air of tension and finality to me, like something fundamental will definitely change before the last day of the year is over, whether I end up noticing what it is or not. It’s weird, really, hard to put into words.

Such it has also been this time, but the days were a neat experience because Terry, Ole and Erik stayed with me in my little flat for a few days. Besides a lot of N64 and Assassin’s Creed II gaming, my favourite experiences were our two little running adventures: one in autumn colours and one clad in freshly fallen snow. These are the pictures, two little overviews first!

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From Dörenthe to Tecklenburg – A little hiking adventure in pictures

With the weather forecast predicting a sunny day, I took the day off from University work and went for a solo hike in the Teutoburg Forest. Excepting a single run, it has been 3 weeks of illness since I last got out into nature like this! Luckily, there’s a bus going from Münster main station to a stop just a km from the “Dörenther Klippen” – literally “the cliffs of Dörenthe” – where I wanted to start.


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There were times you really made me smile and
There were times you really made me cry and
There were times I never really knew how to feel

Electricity, it drew you near to me
What you needed was to be rid of me
And the fear has made you so unsure of me
What you needed was to be rid of me


I still had a post with this drafted from September 4th 2011, and I reckon now is a good time to post it. It depicts one of the many feelings I have about the relationship we had very well – the feeling of finally having found C., someone very similar to me, and picking him up tenderly like the most valuable little gigantic thing there is on earth. And him being somewhat unsure, maybe a tiny bit scared, but nonetheless tame and curious and warm.