On Trail Running

I am a Trail Runner, solemnly. Took up (trail) running November 2013, first occasionally, then more regularly and more seriously and now with (hopefully ever-)increasing fun!


I have a deep urge to play, to discover and to create. Rarely ever is one of my runs in a constant tempo; I usually carry a camera and it is always a wise idea to leave a buffer zone behind me because I have a tendency for quite sudden stops! With my camera, I strive to capture beautiful, interesting or memorable views, in the way I think makes for a special shareable experience, for myself and for others. All kinds of things have the capacity to fascinate me – scenery, an insect, plants, people, you name it.

home forest
Oh, lovely home forest!

My home round starts right out the door in Münster, Germany; 2 km asphalt warm-up until the trails start. The forest is not overly exciting, rather domesticated, very flat, and always features the inevitable free running dog sooner or later. But it’s the patch of forest I call home forest, and it’s actually quite lovely!

In running as in general, I am ambitious and sometimes impatient. It took me a long time to accept that a run well below 10 km/h average speed does not only actually feel good, but is also very enjoyable. But I dream big, about long long distances in deep wilderness. And I also love to run fast, to touch upon the borders of my abilities.

At the “Weihnachts-Crosslauf” 16k race in Borgholzhausen

I have the luck to share a good part of all the running fun with my two training buddies, Terry and Ole, who also happen to be my two best friends and soon-to-be flatmates. They are great, inspiring, and kind people and a blast to train and race with.

We also occasionally combine with Erik-who-lives-far-away-in-Rostock for extra-awesome adventures:

TerrorOlorErrorJudor im Söderåsens Nationalpark
Terry, Ole, Erik, and yours truly in Söderåsens Nationalpark, Sweden

I love trail running for the fun and good feelings of the exercise, and for the poetry I feel in it. It feels like the natural thing to do for my legs and for my eyes, for my body and for my mind. I like to become a better, more fully living and experiencing version of myself, in this physical respect as in my creative pursuits and my awareness of other beings. And I like to share what I see and feel, so you are invited to tag along on my adventures big and small!!

You can also say hi on my movescount!

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