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“The Company of Myself”

There is this fascinating little flash game that goes by the name “The Company of Myself”.

Admittedly, I still haven’t finished it because I think it’s worth giving it more time / attention than your usual little flash game. Because it has an awesome story. – A lonely hermit who learns to help himself to solve his problems, and about whom you will gradually discover more by medium of his monologues.

Also, when a friend first sent it to me some months ago, he managed to catch me in the so-far-2nd-time-this-year when I was pretty tipsy, and so I was basically content to just listen to the background music and let my thoughts drift.

If you don’t majorly hate this kind of stuff, you should probably give it a try =3

(On a side note, it took me a bit of strength to decide to post a new entry because I liked seeing the one below a lot. The joyful summery colours *__*)