The Good (for hazy days)

A (continued) list of The Good Things in Life, especially for hazy days where it is hard to remember any of them. Inspired by Sophie’s list.

  1. hot tea at just the right temperature to enjoy
  2. people adopting peculiar expressions you use
  3. that magic moment after lots of learning and repetition the previous night/days when your brain / fingers suddenly know how to play a great piece of music
  4. beating a boss at dark souls (superhard video game)
  5. the bittersweet feeling of finishing an enjoyable book
  6. completely and utterly losing oneself in the music at a shoegaze concert
  7. colours of an outfit fitting together beautifully
  8. being bored on a lazy task-less afternoon like when I was a kid
  9. the fantastic whole-day videogame / nerd knowledge battles known as “beef”s that a friend organises occasionally. our inner children must be pretty proud of us
  10. the blissful physical exhaustion after doing sports; especially a run along a trail through the woods or an hour of swimming (I finally learned how to swim the crawl!)


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