From Dörenthe to Tecklenburg – A little hiking adventure in pictures

With the weather forecast predicting a sunny day, I took the day off from University work and went for a solo hike in the Teutoburg Forest. Excepting a single run, it has been 3 weeks of illness since I last got out into nature like this! Luckily, there’s a bus going from Münster main station to a stop just a km from the “Dörenther Klippen” – literally “the cliffs of Dörenthe” – where I wanted to start.


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I am a Trail Runner

I am a Trail Runner.

I love moving about in nature and the pristine feeling of “this is the right thing to do” when I run. I love the greens and the warmth of the sun, and the rush of the wind when I fly down a beautiful trail. I like to push to get to the top of a hill, or a mountain, and to dance back down at a breakneck pace.

I like being beneath the clouds, and above the trees. And to rest and take in the views, and to focus all my attention on inhaling the fragrant air.

I appreciate the simple feeling of being alive when my heart beats fast or when I calm down and feel my body buzzing to adapt.

And I cannot but stop dead in my tracks when I see a beautiful setting of trees, or a peculiar pattern of light on the grass, or a butterfly flying past or a squirrel on a tree. I take a lot of photos because I cannot stand the transience of those moments.

And the mindset that looks for these motives is the mindset that sees beauty and precious fragility in every direction. It is how I like to view the world.

When all this comes together, I am the happiest!

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