Merrell Bare Access Trail women’s Review

Welcome to my review of the Merrell Bare Access Trail women’s trail running shoe, the trail version of Merrell’s popular Bare Access barefoot running shoes! My goal in this review is to tell you as much about the shoe as I can to help you find out if this is a shoe for you.

Materials / feel
Ride / running impressions
Overall impression / verdict
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Morning Gold

The lovely man enjoying morning gold with me: Terry
The lovely man enjoying morning gold with me: Terry

One morning, straight out of bed, we put on our running gear when the sky had just started going from dark blue to a brighter blueish colour – and my immediate reaction: what a feeling to be up and out before the sun!

Going for an early long run, it turns out, does so much for my day: It gives a sense of achievement before even having started working or studying, a general good mood from the fresh air and movement and this super pleasant slight ache making sitting actually feel comfortable for the rest of the day.

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To Celebrate for All to See

To celebrate for all to see –

to love openly that which makes you happy
to share with others –

to post a message without irony or distance
to show your new purchase and explain what is so good about it
to listen with genuine enthusiasm
to stand in a public place and grin widely
to laugh at a funny picture when alone –

To celebrate openly any thing little or big, because that is what my life is worth living for.

At a pub

In one of those little silences of which no one likes to admit that they are awkward, I adjust my angle so I lean back further on the armchair and can cross my legs more broadly, ankle resting on my knee. And I am kind of satisified and smile because I think I probably look kinda cool. But then I immediately feel stupid because why the fuck do I even care how I look, I just want to genuinely connect with somebody.