The Birds are Back

The birds are back, and spring is coming!

Today, Ole and yours truly accompanied Terry to his Luisenturmlauf 21,1k trail race in Borgholzhausen. Since the two of us did not feel like racing, we went for a little exploratory run around Borgholzhausen instead. I never really notice what it is that makes winter feel so lonely and empty, but one of the things that makes spring felt everywhere is the sound of birds chirping and singing merrily in every corner of the woods. The birds are back, and spring is coming! Marvellous.

The Birds are Back I

The Birds are Back II

‘You know, I really like this about you, that you …’

It occured to me that I should take a bit of time to ponder again what I like about my friends and tell them.

I think we tend to assume that our friends somehow simply know that the things we know we like about them are really cool – personality traits, interests, tastes and opinions, or ways to live – but I guess that is not always so. People always have doubts and wonder how they can be a better, more-fully-themselves version of themselves, in their own terms; and if you tell them what you appreciate about them, in your terms, you can open up a really special window of communication. You can take part in your friend’s persistent internal debate that we all have with ourselves, usually unshared.

And as little as a simple comment like this – ‘You know, I really like this about you, that you …’ – shows your recognising, acknowledging and reflecting on their very own human project of self-creation. That’s a really neat message to convey, isn’t it?

i really like you
i really like this about you, terry