Who Would You Be Without Fear? / Planning 2018

I painted a little reminder for the new year to let ourselves blossom in all the right directions for all the right reasons:

Get Thinking!

So I start off my planning for 2018 with a little thought experiment: Who, what, where would I be if nothing in the world held me back, neither circumstances nor fear? Dream big, no judging and no reality checks.

Now I review these visions. What of these things feel “just right” – which ideas hit the sweet spot between exactly-me, deeply motivating, and uncomfortable, but sort of attainable? Then I start planning out the steps needed to get there. Choose some priorities. And review regularly.

The regular-review step is what I neglected too much in 2017. So here’s to a fresh start with the magic of a whole new year spreading out ahead! And weekly and monthly review sessions 😉


One thought on “Who Would You Be Without Fear? / Planning 2018”

  1. My oh my, isn’t that one relevant question! I’ll try to give it a thought (or a dozen), too. It feels an almost unthinkable concept at first, but guess that’s exactly the beauty of it!

    Other than that, I find I like flowery and colourful things quite a lot!

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