Passport, please!

I picked up my first own passport this week in preparation for fulfilling my dream of travelling parts of the world for a bit after I graduate my master’s in June! I’m stoked!

But why travel now, when money is short and it’d be important to follow up graduation with a nice entry-level job?

Well, I always had good reasons to delay travelling to a later stage of my life, when “the time” would be right. Before this decision to travel in 2018, I’d just always assumed I would travel to some distant parts of the world some day, that my life would definitely include that aspect. But I never made any concrete plans. Life always gets in the way. And before you know it, you’ve got a nice flat or house to pay and keep, a neat job, friendly coworkers, a membership at the gym and a busy circle of friends, maybe there are kids to take care of, and you’re so deeply established where you are that the idea of leaving it behind for even a bit is so uncomfortable and would require so many arrangements that “that time” just never comes.

Don’t get me wrong, this picture I painted sounds like a lovely life, but I would be so sad to miss out on this (potential) part of me. So I just have to try and dare and see what travelling does with me. 😊

2 thoughts on “Passport, please!”

  1. I had this crazy thought — hopefully I will be teaching English as a second language in France throughout the summer and into March of next year. If you’re going to be traveling throughout Europe, perhaps we can meet! It would be such a delight!

    1. That’s the most awesome idea, I would love to meet you!! I am planning to travel a bit further away around August – I was dreaming about New Zealand and South-East Asia – but I will be back, and most of my family and friends live not that far from the border to France anyway, so I am sure if you come to Europe we’ll be able to figure out something and meet up for reals 🙂

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