Hi there, I am Judith, thanks for stopping by!

I am a 27 year old lover of oh so many aspects of the world, MA student of philosophy, and glorious creative mess based in Münster, Germany.

I have always been fascinated by the transience of moments. It is the core motivation behind this blog to capture and share some of the ways I experience such moments. So on Trailpoetry, I share my poetry, photos, paintings, drawings, adventures, and reflections on all kinds of things.

In every day life, I spend a lot of my time studying philosophy – I love thinking and discussing about the world and our place in it. I enjoy nature with all its smells and sounds, especially forests; I’m a forest person. I read books during breakfast and at the end of the day. I always have my camera with me because it helps me to look at the world in another way. I drink tea all day, every day. My head is a chaotic dreamy mess, but my A4-sized planner enables me to keep it together, to be real, and to remember. I love to exercise, especially hiking, trail running, and dancing; and to sing and play the piano, guitar, recorder, and violin. In another life, I am an ultra distance trail runner or a poor professional musician. Or a forest ranger, or a teacher, writer, painter, or accountant – I think maths is sexy.

In this one life, I want to experience and to create and to love! And to rest, to feel. To grow.


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  1. The revamped look is very functional! Love the shade of the green when a section in the top bar is highlighted. Like the updated About, too.

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