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5 Tracks for January





1. The Owl and the Tanager by Sufjan Stevens

I love the combination of rather minimalist piano melodies and independent, floating vocals – both listening to it and (trying to) play it.
Also check out this live version with Sufjan wearing the perfect attire for this song – colourful bands and gigantic wings.

2. Of the Sleep of Ishtar by Karl Sanders [off the LP “Saurian meditations”]

Sounds like: slow Egyptian meditative ritual music. Fits well with that I just started Assassin’s Creed: Origins on the PS4,  set in a lush and magical Ancient Egypt (how awesome is that!!!) and probably the best installment in the series yet!

3. Song for Zula by Phosphorescent [rhythmic flowing beautiful melody indie song]

Something about this song feels just right for me.  In sway.

4.  Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap  [synth-pop with prominent voice melody]

A classic. Sounds like: Pausing for a moment, contemplating the passage of time, and of faces in crowds; childhood home, dealing with being others’ subject to others’ decisions.
I recently started singing it, accompanying myself with easy chords on the piano, and I absolutely love doing that!

5. Evil in a Closet by In Flames [death metal ballad of sorts]

Another old favourite. I love how it manages to weave melancholia, resentment, frustration, and heartache together – that eruption into the chorus!


Have you been listening to any songs on end lately?

5 Tracks for October

1. Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread by Everything Everything [silly grown-up-melancholy indie]

Spring, sun, winter, dread
I don’t want to get older
(No way, no way)

2. Plein Soleil by World’s End Girlfriend [cinematic post rock]

Sounds like: Japanese post rock somewhere between Pan’s Labyrinth and Final Fantasy X

3. Amused by Hunger

I keep listening to the excellent soundtrack of netflix’s “13 Reasons Why”. The series really touched me and I love the way the soundtrack transports me back to all the intense emotions of being a teen.

4. Caves by Haux [indie/electronic duet on waves of forlorn melancholia]

Take your last supply
To leave this home behind
(Leave it all behind)

5. Kodama by Alcest [post-black / shoegaze metal]

I absolutely love this piece (the chorus around 4:10! I can hardly believe it!). After Alcest’s last album, the absolutely ethereal dreamy Shelter, I really appreciate their return to a more post-black metal sound; especially the alternation between singer Neige’s mellow floating voice and his harsher vocals, for instance on Eclosion. Especially during the past few weeks of preparing a presentation on my master’s thesis project, Alcest’s music has helped me through some intense negative feelings, turning rather undirected anger into energy.

Zelda Night Forest Temple Music // Eleanoora Rosenholm

Eleanoora Rosenholm – Tai-Panin paholainen

In my head, this is the music of a Zelda temple set in a (The Neverending Storyish) dark-blue-green night forest with a Skull Kid playing her flute off in the distance and a whole host of invisible little forest creatures playing all manner of weird instruments; complete with a gigantic Ghibli-esque creature making the “bombom”-sounds.
The story told in the lyrics is quite sinister and something different, so here go the advantages of not understanding a language (well) 🙂

Vesuvius // Sufjan Stevens

Dear Sufjan Stevens,

I loved what you did to your music at your concert in the colosseum theatre in Essen. You and your band took the essence of the songs, gave them enough room to unfold, then swirled and transformed them into their own reprises, occasionally letting things escalate in a multitude of layers beyond the moon and back, and at other times letting the sounds ebb and swell to Sufjan’s solitary softness of a voice.

And I loved the combination of light and video around the oddly shaped background canvas, the beautiful stills of soothing mountain sea panoramas, the childhood VHS videos, and the weirdly evolving geometric shapes.

And really, I was overwhelmed by you, Sufjan, because I never knew someone could deliver a song so meaningfully with the way they moved, sometimes little, sometimes awkwardly, sometimes with weird dance moves I am sure have some sort of tradition to them, and sometimes just moving unselfconsciously in line with the rhythm (which was kinda sexy).

And to top it all off, we could enjoy the concert sitting in comfortable theatre chairs… I wish to see a concert like this again, some day, but until then, I will try to keep this feeling alive in my heart.

Love love love,


– Here goes the album version of “vesuvius”, which does not do the thing at the concert justice, but nonetheless manages to evoke the atmosphere for me.

Summer’s Glory

Summer's Glory
To look down towards the sea, and to bathe in beauty (Anaga mountain range, Tenerife)

Alcest: Summer’s Glory

Ce matin j’ai vu réapparître
L’immense soleil qui nous nourrit
Juillet s’en vient enfin
Ainsi que ton sourire
Nous avons dormi toute une année
A présent réveillons nous
Allons recueillir l’ivresse
Qui vogue dans l’air de l’été

Juillet s’en vient
Notre cœur dégèle
Je me sens si léger

This morning, I saw reappear
The immense sun which nourishes us
July is finally approaching
As is your smile
We have slept for the whole of a year
Now let us awake
Let us go and collect the euphoria
which drifts on the winds of summer

July is approaching
Our heart thaws
I feel so light

“because my mood swings make me feel ashamed”

But on any given day, my mood hangs in a fragile balance –

give me too long out in the world during the day, and I grow tired and weary of everything that happens around me, irritable and unable to react appropriately to all the stimuli, wanting desperately to hide in a pile of leaves and hole up like the hedgehog until spring wakes me –

but give me too long at home alone, and I grow anxious, disconcerted by the prospect of going back out into the world and having to function, I grow sleepy and nested up inside myself, longing for a summer day to go out and bask in sunlight without having second thoughts –

Whenever I make the switch, good things usually happen and I can blossom again.

But it is always a fragile balance, the harmony between the social and the private, the outer and the inner, between challenge and relaxation, stimulus and stagnancy, movement and rest, the play and the calm.
But what can I do? And there are always storms.

the strangest things
and the strangest things have been happening to me, oh


Ashes Against the Grain

I had climbed the top of my melancholy
being patted on the back by the fickle wind
I stood upon the top, the ground unsteady
and I looked at the wastes beyond

Patryk Struzik (2009)

Red birds escape from my wounds
and return as falling snow

To sweep the landscape; a wind haunted, wings without bodies
The snow, the bitter snowfall
You wish to die in her pale arms, crystalline, to become an ode to silence
In the soul of a mountain of birds, fallen
The cascading pallor of ghostless feather

Agalloch: Falling Snow (Ashes Against the Grain, 2006)


Nothing witty today, just feelings.

I’m Yours, World, Desire




So there are these two feelings within me:

1) The light-hearted but deep wish to spread my joy and affection with the world to those around me. To live, and to give and take and most of all share what we can share with each other. Why the bloody hell not?

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

I like to play this on my guitar in a somewhat simplified version. I don’t even know the entire original by heart (which is a total first in songs I’ve played on the guitar), but I totally love playing it my way. And I mean it.


2) One of the darkishly sexiest songs and feelings I know:

Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps (please disregard the video)

Singular moments of exclusive attraction, intense heat, nearly irresistible. I sometimes fall for it. I sometimes enjoy it, and sometimes hate the way it takes any clarity and reason out of my head and turns it into a wild garden I get lost in. Desire. Human nature, I guess.


I’ve been gone for too long. It feels good to come back here.
<snuggles up to the blog and rubs against it unsexually but affectionately>

The Walk

“That was inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his failed attempt to fly from Paris to Saigon, where he passes through the Lybian desert. Here’s the rest of the story. This is ‘The Walk’.”


I have often found myself confronted with planes of this simple type lately, be it in a game of memory-pairs with a friend or in the summer sky. They all look like they’ve come straight from the middle of the 20th century, or from a nostalgic movie, and they always remind me of this real story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry crashing in the Lybian desert, wandering around towards his nearly-certain death for 5 days, and then these songs from Gazpacho‘s concept album “Tick Tock” that deal with the story.

I love the songs, the story behind it, the feeling of everything going together and the bright browns of the desert and the blue sky that is a masterpiece and all the other colours which make their way from my ears to my head.

Also, I am reminded of the saying that bad decisions (or events) make good stories. I am so fascinated by the story the songs revolve around actually being real, having happened; their not circling around something entirely imaginary (which would, of course, have been fascinating in its own right).